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︎ The Corrupted Game

”The Corrupted Game” is a response to the social-political scenario in Spain in the recent years (between 2010-2014).

Multiple scandals have been brought to the surface, many of them  involving property deals and local government, tax eviction, money laundering, fraud… Consequently, Spain has developed a culture of distrust between different branches of society.

As a person born and grown in Spain but currently living abroad, the Web has been an information channel to witness all of this. Appropriation and manipulation are two behaviours intrinsic to the nature of corrupted public roles such as politicians or royal personalities. The process used in this series emulates these behaviours altering images sourced from different international media outlets by adding and/or deleting information related to their fraudulent actionas in their code. This evidences the visual error invisible in these public images questioning the meaning of these public roles and their relation with society.

”The Corrupted Game” was presented as a participatory exhibition at Everything is Politics exhibition alongside Lewis Bush, Daniel Mayrit, Colin Pantall, Amak Mahmoodian and Daniel Bosworth and published as a set of postcards.