︎ Everything Must Go

The aesthetics of consumerism and the functionality of images in different trading contexts have been a recurrent topic in my personal practice. As continuation of my previous work The Great Bazaar, studying the capitalist trading spaces, Everything Must Go is an opportunity to investigate the Car Boot sale as an alternative trading space. By creating a visual research, the aim here is to understand the importance of signs and symbols in these spaces of consumption by juxtaposing it with Bakhtin’s notion of Carnival.

Louise Crewe and Nicky Gregson in their Tales of the Unexpected: Exploring Car-Boot Sales as Marginal Spaces of Contemporary stated that ‘’Car-Boot Sales have been neglected in current debates on consumption and retailing’’.

Consumption spaces such as car-boot sales represent sites in which the conventions of the marketplace are suspended or abandoned, and replaced by forms of sourcing, commodity circulation, pricing mechanisms and value uite different from those which typify more conventional retail malls and department stores. 

Everything Must Go apporaches the Boot as an emblematic of competitive individualism and the free market, but also as a transgressive space which captures and is constructed through theatre,  performance, spectacle, and laughter. 

Set of nine 40x60cm pigment prints on Hannelmulhe archival paper and intervened found objects.